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September 23, 2007



Great job on the sweater! The fit is perfect and it is very flattering. I agree about Silk Garden. I made a scarf with it and I think I'm going to give it away. I don't know why people love Noro so much, but then, I don't like homespun either.
Knitting on size 3s doesn't take that much longer than 8s, actually, and the resulting fabric is worth it. That said, it isn't something I look forward to. :)


You look fantastic in Katie! Nicely done & the zipper looks perfect! Did you hand sew it in or machine sew it? I never have the patience for hand sewing them in & usually machine sew it. Yours looks great! Nicely done!
And yes, the silk garden will soften up with wash & wear.


Both look fantastic! I love the cardigan. It looks pretty and very versatile and wearable! Great job!


You should model for all the knitwear designers/magazines - Katie looks stunning on you!


OMG, you did perfect job on sweater! And it fits you more than perfectly!


That is a great sweater. Simple lines and fits well.

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