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September 16, 2007



More than obvious! So damn obvious! Spooky obvious!


It really is amazing that one editorial staff wouldn't check on the other's website at some point. I guess the commitment to publish was made by then, though. I've noticed several look-alike patterns online. Mostly I assume it is a case of thinking alike and not of outright copying. I'm glad you posted this, because I don't buy VK anymore and would never have known.


I hadn't noticed that! Very interesting though. I can't quite figure out how that happened because I really do not see two designers coming up with such a similar design.


You know I'm somewhat surprised that doesn't happen more often. There being a "similar style" but that is sooo close...Interesting

Jealous of your motorcycle ride! It must have been grand :-)


the drive on the 33 is just amazing! I love it.

And yup, those 2 sweaters? Ugly-squared


Yeah, I don't quite understand why anyone would write a pattern the way they had for the Tilted Duster. I mean, I adore Norah Gaughan's work, but the stair stepping? It really isn't necessary.

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