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August 12, 2007



Leslie, your knitting has definitely evolved. I'm loving your work at the moment... :)


Yay! I'm so glad that you are doing the CW! It's a really rewarding knit once it's finished! Just keep track of those darned YO's! :)


The LYS that I go to, out here, is called Simply Knitting. (It's in Santa Clarita.) They don't have much of a supply right now though, since they've had two 50% off sales in the past three months.

My suggestion, if you want Koigu galore...check out Wildfiber in Santa Monica. They seriously have tons of it! There's one wall of it, and it has almost every color you could think of! (It's one of my favorite stores, though not one of my favorite salespeople.)


The CW looks beautiful--I love the colors--especially the one in the foreground. It's coming along really well, jut keep on breathing!

I bought the yarn and pattern for a Charlotte's Web long before I knew how to knit--I saw it in a shop window and just bought it on the spot. Oddly, I never have gotten around to knitting it. Perhaps I'll drag it out this winter.

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