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August 05, 2007



Leslie, you are SO right about the big n bulky thing - it just adds on [unwanted] kilos (pounds) and doesn't look good on anyone that's old enough to knit them!!

I also had the same thoughts on the cover item - Sydney is very similar to Southern California in that we get approx 3 weeks of coat weather per year!


I totally agree, bulky doesn't do anyone any favors. Hopefully, that tend will go away soon.
Wow, those colors you chose for your shawl are gorgeous!! good luck chosing the order..I'm no help there!


Oh how right you are about knowing when a project is ready to be given up on & ripped out. It's a sad process really. We have such high hopes & then they are dashed, just like that!
The Charlotte's Web is not one I have done before, it'll be fun to watch yours progress.


Ditto on the bulky!!

The colors are beautiful btw!!


Yes, the 80's are over. Apparently Vogue doesn't realize that. I was quite disappointed with this issue myself. But, that's another story. I feel a bit better, after taking a nap. Thanks for your advice. If I had gin I would make a martini! :) Good luck with the Charlotte's Web, once you get through the first pattern repeats, it will whiz by. Just keep track of your YO's.


big and bulky - wake up lots of memories!

You are very productive latelly!

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