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March 11, 2007


Emma in France

I've started an inventory of my stash and I'm finding it extremely useful. I've logged the recommended SPI, yardage, dyelot numbers and location of the yarn and it means that if I get the sudden urge to do a project I can check the inventory, find a yarn that matches the criteria and I know exactly where to look for it. I'm doing it in Excel which gives me the ability to sort and filter.

This inventory taking is a lot of work but I'm already finding the results useful.


29 pairs of socks?! Oooooh, Leslie...


I really should flash my stash some day - no one else would feel bad about theirs ever again. I have excel inventories for yarn and needles and it helps a lot. Think of yourself as a painter. Could you really go without a palette of colors at your disposal?


All I can say is...I am glad I am not the only one! I can so relate.


If you really want to be scared you should go check out Lime & Violets sock marathon. I had some ungodly amount of yardage once it was all said and done, 15+ miles of yarn. That was humbling. Not that it has stopped me from buying but it did start my organizing. I have catalogued it all by brand, then style and number of balls including yardage per ball and gauge. whew! Good luck and let us know when you do list it!! ;o)

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