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March 25, 2007



Isn't it such a nice feeling to actually know ALL you have in the stash?? I prefer to do the organizing that to be organized but still... :)


I am glad to hear your opinions on the Lace Style and IK Socks. I perused them but for some reason couldn't get interested. I will have to give them both a more thorough examination, thanks!


I was thinking about you yesterday and here you are! Thanks for the book review - we don't get much down here so we buy online with just a cover to judge.


I've heard the Favorite Socks book is great! I'm going to have to get that one.
THEY may say that legwarmers are back in style but, you know what? I haven't seen anyone wearing legwarmers around here....I think it's just wishful thinking on their part. ;-)


Nice of you to care for the kitties. If you're able, you might try to trap them and have them fixed, then put them back where they were and feed them (if you're so inclined). They'll help keep the pest population down, without adding to the population themselves. A quick internet search might lead you to a person or group who can help you. Good luck!


As you may remember, my little Figgy was a kitten born wild in our back yard. The mother was completely wild and never became tame, but her kittens became tame, even though we never even touched them until they were over a year old. They watch, they listen, they observe and once you can win them over with trust (and some good food), you'll soon be able to pet them. The organization to call is Catalyst for Cats. They will hook you up with humane traps and get you a deal on getting them fixed. The vet will clip one of their ears to show that they are feral -- poor little Figgy got a big snip. But that lets "people in the know" know that the cat has been fixed.


jUST TWO DAYS AGO i ORDERED Favourite socks! It's a small world, ha!

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